West Arden Homeowners! (Welcome Home)
News Updated 5-10-2015
West Arden Homeowners News:


Pool Opening

The pool will open on Memorial Day and close the Tuesday after Labor day.

Reserving The Clubhouse
Please fill out the application under "documents" to reserve the clubhouse.  This form should be returned to Shannon Kear at HOA Management. 


The WestArden.com website is now much easier to read on a mobile or tablet device.  

Community Lights

If you have a globe light in your yard (or share one with your neighbor), please work to keep these maintained and not overgrown.  If the area becomes overgrown, the sensor believes it is night and runs the light all day.  This results in a call to our lighting person and adds an extra expense to the budget.  Your help can help us keep these costs down.

Dogs Must Be On Leashes or Fenced In

Just a reminder that dogs must be on leashes or inside a fence when they are outside.  Click here for the link to the information on the Sheriff's website.  

Reminder: Covenants and changes to your home

Please remember that according to Article X of the covenants no building shall be altered from its original state, including any change of exterior color, without approval from the West Arden Advisory Committee.  Please use the Contact Us form if you have any questions.

A Note about our board: 

Our board is made up of home owners just like you. We volunteer our time to help our neighborhood save the high cost of a management company and deal with all of the things an HOA has to in an effort to keep our dues reasonable. If you have an issue, make sure you use the contact form and someone will get back with you in a reasonable time frame.






Please submit newsworthy items that may interest your fellow neighbors at the "contact us page"
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